Go Hunt 



Indulge your wildside, Go Hunt cards are the best new social game on the

market today.  It's a complete deck of inappropriate fun!  Go Hunt cards

are great for parties, drinking games and can also be used as standard

playing deck!  The Go Hunt game plays just like the card game go fish.  The card images and titles give our game a risky twist!  If you have an innocent soul but a naughty mind you will

love playing Go Hunt!  Check out some of our

cool Go Hunt pictures in our picture gallery!

A full game description with rules and

variants are at the bottom of this page. 


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Go Hunt game deck

$ 12.99 USD

This is a standard deck of 54 playing cards, with 13 different Go Hunt images to play. It will be shipped right to your door in a hard plastic case and a set of instructions and rules.  Let's play!

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How to play


Go Hunt

card game 






Goal: To collect the most matching sets, either sets of 2 or 4. You decide on game play.  Matching sets 2 will make for a quicker game, sets of  4 will extend game play.


Game play: With four or less players; seven cards are dealt to each player.  Five cards can be dealt to each player in larger groups.  The remaining cards are placed face down in a draw pile.  The player left of the dealer goes first.  On your turn, ask any player for a specific card.  For example: "Michele do you have little hooters?"  You must already hold one of the requested cards.  If Michele has any little hooter cards she must give them all to you.  If the person you ask does not have the card you requested, they would say "Go Hunt!"  You would then draw a card from the draw pile.  When the draw pile runs out, keep playing until all the cards have been made into matching sets.  When you collect a set of matching cards, immediately show the other players and place the cards face down in front of you.


Winning: Go Hunt continues until someone has no cards left in their hand, and says I'm hunted out!  The winner is the player with the most matching sets.


Variant one:  If Go Hunt is played as a drinking game, the winner counts his or her matching sets and can give that many drinks to any player or players.( Matching sets of 2 rather than 4 = more drinks to give.)


Variant two: If Go Hunt is played as a drinking game, once the winner calls hunted out, the rest of the players must take a drink for every match they have in front of them, excluding the winner.


Variant three: Play both variants one and two.  Remember playing with matching sets of 2 will equal more drinks to give or take.  Playing with matching sets of 4 can be a challenging memory game.


A variant is just a fun twist on the game, you can make up your own, the possibilities are almost endless.




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